Supercharge Your Team's Investment Workflow

Foster a data-driven investment culture within your team. FinanceGPT enables collaborative strategy development, backtesting, and analysis, previously only available to well-resourced institutions.

Centralized Platform
Consolidate your team's research and analysis in a single, secure platform. Foster seamless collaboration and knowledge sharing.
Streamlined Backtesting
Effortlessly backtest investment strategies together. Gain consensus and refine approaches as a team to achieve optimal results.
Advanced Analytics
Use generative AI to uncover hidden insights in financial data. Train your AI model on the newest research and analysis to stay ahead of the curve.
Collaborative Quant Expertise at Your Fingertips

FinanceGPT enables your team to act like a well-oiled quant machine, without the need for individual coding expertise. Everyone on your team can contribute to strategy development and analysis.

Train your custom AI model on the latest financial data and leverage its power to outperform the market. No coding experience required.

Used by finance and investment teams in 1.6K enterprises.

How it works

Portfolio optimization in two processes.

Collaborative Model Training
Import your data and work together to train a custom quantitative model specifically tailored to your team's investment goals.
Seamless Backtesting & Analysis
Run backtests on various market scenarios and analyze results together. Refine your strategy collaboratively and achieve superior performance as a team.

Investment Research Tools

Tools to perform costly and time consuming investment research tasks.

Equity Research
Exchange Rate Analysis
Stock Price Analysis
Technical Equity Analysis
Unlock Alpha as a Team with FinanceGPT

Together, your team can identify and exploit alpha-generating opportunities through superior backtesting, research, and collaborative analysis. Stop relying on individual intuition - gain a collective edge with data-driven insights.

Unleash the power of collaborative quantitative investing. Sign up for your free FinanceGPT for Teams trial today and transform your investment decision-making process!

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